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About Us

We are using Apple Mac computer and its authoring tools such as Pages and iBook Author. We are focusing on the core functions of text-based ebooks and their benefits and advantages. 

What are the benefits and advantages of ebooks?

  • No trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of ebooks.
  • Easy access to more information and related websites.(Dictionary and LInk)
  • Easy browsing for any information in an ebook, instead of turning page after page.
  • Easy controlling for legibility - font size, brightness, and text to speech
  • Easy highlighting and sharing of any part of an ebook for study and reference.

Somebody mentions about its interactive function with audio, video, and image but that function is definitely not a benefit and advantage of ebooks. It just mixes all contents into one file. A text-based ebook could provide you with surprising imagination and focus.

Our goal is to make, publish, and share text-based ebooks with you. If you want your own ebook, please don't hesitate to send us your scripts. We make it and send it to you.

We're always rooting for your dream and a huge success!