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KDC (Korean Decimal Classification) for Korean Literature

한국십진분류법 자바스크립트 

US-China War

A masterpiece of Kim Jin-myung, which contains more detailed, realistic insights and shocking prophecies than nonfiction!  - “If we don’t kill China, we die. The lights in the White House War Room have been lit and the 48 hours that will decide the fate of the Korean Peninsula has begun!"

The white house war room was on, and the countdown began. For the United States, the North Korean nuclear program is the perfect excuse and opportunity of the preemptive strike. Kim grabs the nucleus and...

The Night your stars had disappeared

The truth kept by silent people! “The real criminal is someone else.”

Woojin lost her daughter three years ago from some kind of incident. He was in deep sorrow and managed to live. While his wife left suddenly. Now Woojin sat down in despair and found that nothing to hold himself was left at the funeral of his wife.

A single clue, from the memo that someone left to Woojin. It got him stand up again to solve the doubts about the death of his daughter and wife. When...

7 Years Night

A man who wants to protect the lives of his son and another man who dream of revenge for his daughter!

The story is what happened to the father and son. It is divided into two parts and takes the form of a frame novel. The son of a murderer wandered and heard the news of his father's execution. The death of his father took him to that night seven years ago, and him realized that the night was not over yet.

Meanwhile, in the novel, a...