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US-China War

A masterpiece of Kim Jin-myung, which contains more detailed, realistic insights and shocking prophecies than nonfiction!  - “If we don’t kill China, we die. The lights in the White House War Room have been lit and the 48 hours that will decide the fate of the Korean Peninsula has begun!"

The white house war room was on, and the countdown began. For the United States, the North Korean nuclear program is the perfect excuse and opportunity of the preemptive strike. Kim grabs the nucleus and flips like a frog in a well, but he gets more and more cultivated in America's schemes. Kim Incheol, a lawyer who worked as a special investigator for the World Bank and was dispatched to Vienna, Austria, is involved in the bizarre suicide incident of a star fund manager. 

Incheol flew to the Cayman Islands to search for the unidentified person who made a phone call to the victim before his suicide. Then he tracked a large amount of black money. In the process, he came close to the black shadows of warlords who are moving oil, the dollar, and international affairs, and figured out the powerful men who handle Trump and Putin like puppets.....

Will the security of Korean peninsula get worse in the struggle induced by warlords trying to rescue the US economy from a moratorium with tremendous fiscal deficits? And will China be able to escape the threat of war against America? What kind of solution will Korea find under the state of sharp conflict of interest?

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